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Farmer Associations Necessary For Construction of Biogas Plants in B&H


13.06.2019 09:06
Session on the topic "Biogas Power Plant - Investment Opportunity for Farmers" at the ENERGA 2019 conference was co-organized by the USAID project Energy Investment Activity, which has been working on improving and reforming the energy sector in B&H in the past five years.

The panel discussion was attended by Nermin Ahmić (Association of poultry farmers of the Zenica-Doboj Canton), Vedad Pašić (Association of dairy processors in B&H), Vladimir Usorac (Association of dairy processors of the Republic of Srpska) and Tomas Mitschke (GIZ).

Production and use of biogas is listed as one of the possible solutions for livestock farms, which have a problem with farm waste as an environmental pollutant.
The advantages of starting biogas production on domestic farms include: subsidizing the production of electricity from biogas as an additional source of income for farmers, providing heat, obtaining processed substrates, high-quality organic fertilizers, creating new jobs, and eliminating unpleasant odors and insects.

As a key obstacle to the construction of biogas plants in the FB&H, the absence of a quota for the purchase of electricity from biogas was eliminated, which was corrected in November last year, amounting to 1.2 MW, while the RS does not have a defined plant classification according to the installed power, and the quota for the purchase of energy from biogas at subsidized prices is 1.7 MW.

The guaranteed purchase price in FB&H according to the new proposal is from 0.30 - 0.56 KM / kWh, while in RS, the subsidized price is 0.2402 KM / kWh for all power plants, regardless of the installed power. It was noted that the FB&H is the most profitable in building power plants of 150 kW, and in the RS of 1,000 kW, and currently there are two types of power plants of this type in the whole country.

- Today's discussion and panel have shown above all the need for association of livestock breeders, because most of them do not have enough capacity to engage themselves in the construction of a biogas plant that would be cost-effective. The main barriers to entry of livestock farmers and farmers in the projects of biogas plants, such as lack of information about subsidies, and non-implementation of legal provisions related to waste disposal were identified - said Fahrudin Kulić, panel moderator.
The session was attended by several interested businessmen who are planning to invest in this area of electricity production.

The ENERGA conference ends today, and in addition to the mentioned session, current research and directions of the development of thermal energy in B&H, potentials for the application of highly efficient cogeneration of heating and cooling in B&H, projects of financing energy efficiency measures, as well as an ecological innovation (nano-ferromagnetic filter) were presented and discussed.
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